Auditions will be held August 30 at Lubbock Christian University in the Wayne and Yvonne Hinds Music Center—if you need help finding this building, check out the campus map.

Please prepare the following excerpts that are linked below. Recordings are readily available on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube. You are strongly encouraged to listen to a recording.

Strings – Audition is for seating in the group only. Violins – play EITHER Violin I or Violin II excerpts, not both. (Violin I is preferred, but Violin II is acceptable if it better fits your ability level.)

Woodwinds & Brass – Generally speaking the instrumentation is woodwinds in pairs plus piccolo, bass clarinet, 4-5 horns, 3-4 trumpets, 3-4 trombones and 1 tuba. We do expand those numbers depending on the repertoire and other factors.

Percussion – 4-6 players. Please play all the excerpts included.

Piano/Harp – Many selections require piano or harp. Please play all Excerpts included.

Sign up for audition times.

Audition Music

Infographic for New Personnel Auditions in Strings, Winds, Brass, Percussion, Piano and Harp. From 7:30-9:30 on August 30 in the Wayne and Yvonne Hinds Music Center on the campus of Lubbock Christian University. The graphic contains links to information and audition materials, as well as signups for auditions.